Help with decision! GOSH I think I am addicted!

  1. I have a 40cm Etoupe Clemence Birkin and :heart::heart::heart::heart: it-the shape, the feel of the leather, the size, the color and how it matches everything in my wardrobe. The only thing I am not too thrilled about is the weight. What color/leather/size will you recommend for me to get next? :confused1:

    I want BJ, rouge garance or orange, has to be in Palladium.

    Leather is what I have trouble with: I like textured leather so I dont want swift or box. So this left me with togo, clemence, VL, or Epsom. No Fjord because it's just too heavy.

    Size wise: I love my 40cm SO MUCH :yahoo: but do you think I should get a 35cm?

    TIA for your opinion :tpfrox:
  2. Join the club and YES if you like the 40cm you'd like the 35cm!
  3. There has been some discussion about Fjord, and the ladies here think that the new generation Fjord is no longer heavy.

    amandakmc received her gorgeous Gold Fjord 35cm Birkin and a bunch of us had the opportunity to play with it. I have to say it's not heavy either. Well, I kind of think it's even lighter than Clemence!

    Since you like textured leather, I think the next leather to try is Togo. I'm not sure you can swing from a souple leather to a stiffer leather like VL or Epsom. Stiffer leathers will make the 40cm look even bigger, but it will be lighter. It will take some use before these leathers soften.
  4. Totally agree with MrsS that stiffer leathers make the bag looks bigger but Epsom is definitely lighter than Togo.

    Either way, my GFs call my 35cm Birkin a "Ton of Bricks"....:p

    I'd say go for the 35cm Togo for a different look too. ;)