Help with date code

  1. Hi all!

    I have a question on a date code.

    It's a Epi Alma and the seller told me it's M10060

    I have no idea what does it mean.
  2. I remember reading in a thread that the date code should start w/two letters (which represent what country they were made in) followed by four numbers (the first and third make up the month and the second and fourth make up the year)

    Am I correct ladies?

    That may be the style/model #.

    *I just looked at some of my items and that does seem to be the model/style # that comes on the card. Ask the seller for the code inside the bag. Hope this helps.*
  3. Too many numbers. R U sure it is isn't MI Take the first and third numbers for the month, then the second and fourth for the year.
  4. First and third are the month, second and forth are the year. the two letters is where the bag was made. I think there's an extra number in the one you posted.
  5. I don't know maybe the seller thought it was a 1 instead a I, so what does mean MI0060?
  6. MI is a location in France that makes bags, so this bag is made in France, June 2000.
  7. is it possible that a fake contains a date code? I heard that they also fake the date code
  8. Of course ! Some are mirror image down to the details.
  9. That's so bad.