Help with date code please!!

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  1. I just got MC white Trouville from eLuxury... :yahoo: , then I would like to know the date code of it.

    I found one at the inside pocket.. the lining made it hard to see, so I got to use a flash light.

    Then, it read... MI0190 :wtf:

    I think the date code read...PPMYMY, is that right? So, how can it be Sept, 2010 ???? :confused1:

    Somebody helps me, please!!

  2. At first I thought perhaps it was the model number so I looked through all my catalogs since the introduction of the MC line and the model numbers for the MC Trouville in Noir is M92662 and blanc M92663 so that rules out that possibility.

    Your date code clearly states MI0190 and since you purchased it from Eluxury and you are not out of the country because they won't ship outside the US. You need to call them immediately and tell them what you have found and demand an immediate return. Please let me know what has happened.
  3. Yes, call Elux asap because that datecode is incorrect.
  4. wow... i'm stunned to see a wrong date code on something from eluxury! Maybe the took a fake back as a return LOL
  5. Ok.. I live chatted with them. The rep replied back when I said the date code is wrong.

    "Louis Vuitton items feature codes which are used for internal purposes only. As these codes can be easily replicated and are not unique to each piece, they cannot serve as indicators of authenticity. To authenticate your item, please bring or send it into your nearest Louis Vuitton boutique. A store representative would be happy to take a look at it...."

    Then, I told her that I believe every LV from eLux is authentic, it's not about authentic or not..I mean the date code is just wrong..

    So, she replied
    "If you have not used the item we are always happy to exchange it for you if you are unhappy with it. However, I cannot guarentee that the date code in another bag would be any different. The date codes and the serial numbers are meant for internal purposes only and are not meant for the customer to be using...."

    So, I decided to exchange, but then I felt reluctant because the color pattern on the bag is so nice...(I mean no black "LV" ). I falled in love the first time I saw it. And , another thing is I will go out of States for a month on Monday, so it means I have to leave without it.

  6. I don't have too much faith in the reps at Elux. They are not Louis Vuitton specialists in my eyes, they work in a call center and have limited LV training. It seems like they are giving you info that isn't 100% accurate. They wouldn't call it a "date code" and have it represent anything but the date. I say return it ASAP.
  7. wow, that is unheard of.
    keep us updated 'cause i would like to see how elux plans to handle this situation.
  8. Yeah this will be interesting..
  9. You should be glad that she cannot guarantee that the code in another bag would be any different. If they were the same they would have some problems. Also the dates codes are meant for the customer to use as it can tell you when and where handbag was made and yes it is also used for internal purpose soley for the purpose of tracking repairs on that handbag. I offer this information to you for future reference so that you can reply back to these untrained customer service people. I hate it when they try to feed you a line of $%$% and sound so matter of fact about it.

    Did you exchange it for another one or are you returning it and purchasing elsewhere?. I do not think that you were sold an authentic item and I would not have stopped at customer service. I would have wanted to speak with a supervisor etc. Its a good thing that you decided to look for your date code immediately. That is something I do every time I purchase from Elux or an LV Boutique.
  10. Thanks so much Amamxr :flowers: . Actually, this bag was purchased by my mom from eLux and had them ship to me as a reward of my GPA 4.00. I kept tracking it since 3 days ago, and felt so glad that it arrived today ( as the matter of fact that I will be out of States tomorrow for a vacation).

    So, I guess I have to put it in the same box and send it back for the exchange :s . I have one more question, since my mom bought it on cyber Thursday and from what I know if I return it, I will lose the cash back. What should I do ??

    :confused1: :confused1:
  11. Ack, so sorry that happened to you! I hope you get everything straightened out soon
  12. If you are just doing an exchange for another one I don't see the problem. If you are returning it for a refund then yes I would think you would loose your rebate.
  13. I couldn't have said it any better
  14. Lol..yeah LV SAs can be the same way. More than once I've dealt with SAs who don't know anything about the items they're selling.
  15. whoa that is really freaky. Man oh man! I usually don't bother checking my date codes from the LV boutique....yikes I gotta start doing that!
    Please keep us updated!