Help with Dark Silver Reissue Decision!

  1. Hi guys!

    My SA has a Dark Silver Reissue in size 225 on hold for me, but I am holding back because I'm unsure of the size.

    Does anyone have a picture of a 225 reissue beside a medium classic flap??? I know the dimensions but I just want to see how the size compares against eachother.

    I'm 5'8 and a size 6, the medium classic flap looks fine on me but I was wondering if the 225 reissue would look too small on me...(I will primarily be using this bag as an evening bag)

    Please help with your pictures/advice!

  2. I don't have pics of the 225 but go to the reference thread and look at all the flaps there. Tons of pics there!
  3. hi, i have the 226 and tried on a 225 yesterday. I'm 5'3 and think the 226 is the perfect size for me. I think 225 would still be ok for you though, especially if you are primarily using it as an evening bag...for an every day bag I think I wouldn't be able to put all of my stuff into a 225 and I don't even put that much stuff in my bags.
  4. couturegemma, I just got mine (225) yesterday! Even though I haven't seen it IRL, with the measurement, there's not much different between Medium & 225. Only the 225 is a bit smaller (~0.5 in.)in depth & width, but it's taller & has longer chain than the Medium flap. For you, I guess it will be great to have 225 as an evening bag & I think 224 will be too small or 226/227 will be quite big. Actually a TPFer has shown pictures earlier that 225 & 226 are not much different in size. You know what, in terms of $$, 225 is $200 less expensive than 226. Why not saving that for your next purse? Plus, we'll probably not be able to get a classic medium flap with dark silver matellic. That's my POV. ;) (BTW, some TPFers are still looking for this bag too!)
  5. Here's my 225 pearl reissue & my Med. flap together. Hope this helps. There is very little difference....:smile:
  6. I am 5 5 and 110 lbs - I have both the 226 and 227 - 227 is good for day use - I find 226 too small too carry for the day. I think 226 is the best size. 225 is more evening to me . . .
  7. Thanks so much for your help guys! The 225 and medium does look extremely similar! I'm convinced now! :yahoo:
  8. Hi I think it is a great bag if you can use it for day and night if not don't get caught up in the hard to get hype good luck :smile: