Help with contraceptive pill

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  1. I was on my break period when I took the pill for the next month a day early (Saturday not Sunday) so obviously my period is a day early. I was wondering what do I do when I start the next pack? Do I keep it on the Saturday from now on or should I wait an extra day and go back to the Sunday. If it's advisible I go back to Sunday will I be protected for that extra day?

    Thanks for any help! :confused1:
  2. What type of bc pill are you using?

    Whatever kind though, it should tell you had to handle the one-day issue.

  3. I'm taking the Microgon 30 if that helps.:shame:
  4. sorry, never heard of it - but check the paperwork that came with it and there should be detailed instructions hopefully.
  5. I wouldn't wait until Sunday to start it again, just because the break is supposed to be for 7 days and not any more. Your packet should have more information, but I would keep it to a Saturday start. If you do start it on Sunday, I would advise using protection for a week, just to be safe.
  6. ITA agree with aliciamarie that you won't be 100% protected if you wait until Sunday to start the next pack (so use alternate BC). However, if you're used to the routine of starting on Sunday, it might be worth it to wait the extra day (in other words, I don't think anything bad will happen from waiting, other than not being protected for the next week or so). I know if I don't start on Sunday I get all confused because I have a terrible memory/sense of time. :rolleyes: