Help with compact powder for allergic skin?

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  1. Hi ladies!

    I usually don't wear make up as I'm allergic to most of what's out there. However, I'm getting married, and my stylist insists that I wear just a little compact powder to get good pictures. I'm vain enough to do this since I want to look good, but I'm hoping to minimize the damage. 1 day after using make up, esp. foundation it looks like I've got red polkadots in my face so that's no good. Any suggestions for someone clueless in the make-up world on a good compact powder for my sensitive, allergic skin? I'm also half asian.

    And need it to be international brands so it's something I can get my hands on here in Norway.

  2. CoverFX.
  3. Not a make up recommendation but I have really sensitive skin as well that is currently flaring up everyday now. What helps me keep redness and bumps down is to take an allergy medicine like Zyrtec or Claritin before I put make up on.
  4. saban has a good point, that will help. I have sensitive skin and the only powder i can use is Physicians Formula Skinsitive.
  5. Have you tried any Almay makeup? It's a department store brand that is especially for sensitive skin. It's rather affordable as well, so it might be worth looking into if you haven't tried their makeup before.