Help with colour choice for Edith + colour feedback!


Which colour Edith should I buy?

  1. Mais

  2. Black

  3. White

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I'm half thinking of buying the mais edith that is on sale at LVR.

    Toady I noticed that the black and white have been further reduced at NAP.

    Although there is still a significat price difference what is the best colour option?
  2. I looooooooove Mais. White is my 2nd choice. I'm still in summer mode, so I like the lighter two colors best.
  3. I picked black because I believe it's the most versatile color for a purse.
  4. I ended up ordering the mais!

    I am so excited. :yahoo:

    I went to David Jones (the department store that sells Chloe where I live) and the same size Ediths retail at AUD$2195... I paid AUD$713!

    I was wondering though... I've been sent a confirmation email, but my item has not been shipped yet... when will that happen?
  5. What is LVR??? I need a Mais coloured Edith too!!!!!
  6. I picked Mais because I already have an Edith in black and in white and in Whiskey. Truly, every colour in Edith is a classic.
  7. okay, I found out what LVR stands for, and am now checking out their fabulous deals... thanks for the heads up!