Help With Colors

  1. What is the difference between Oxblood and burgandy? I love oxblood in the Edie but it has gold hardware which I don't care for. The burgandy has the gunmetal which I love. Not sure what the difference is in the color. :smile:
  2. Oxblood has more of a dark brown hue to it while burgundy has reddish hue to it. Oxblood is darker than burgundy. Overall, sometimes depending on the light the colors are very similar and almost look the same. The hardware and type of leather can also change the look of the purse/color.
  3. Sorry to resurrect and old thread, but I just bought an oxblood edie with gunmetal hardware at the coach store. It's beautiful without the gold. I'm not sure if it's a new purse or not though, just wanted to let you know - hardware other than gold exists with the oxblood!
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