Help with colors to match Tourquoise

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  1. I am looking for sandals to match my new turquoise Maddy. I have been wanting a new pair of metallic gold/bronze sandals. What do you think of these? Do They look like the bronze will go better with the brushed gold hardware?[​IMG][​IMG]
    maddy 004.JPG
  2. This is something you definitely need Samantha for! NO ONE can put together an outfit like she can! :tup:

    Miss Samantha....where are you? Your expertise is urgently needed! :yes:
  3. Gorgeous Manolos! Judging from the picture they go very well colorwise with the brushed gold. I can picture these sandals with dark jeans, a white top and the Maddy. Or how about a brown dress with those heels and the Maddy?
  4. i love metallics, esp bronze, :love:but i will try to be objective;)...yes, i think they complement each other beautifully....:tup:
  5. I think they look great together!
  6. JM, the shoes look perfect with your gorgeous Maddy! Those Manolos are actually on their way to me. Amazing price! You should nab some if you have not already. As far as metallics go, I think you can get away with most golds and bronzes with your bag.
  7. I agree with everyone else, I think those shoes go very well with the turquoise and really bring out the gold hardware. :tup:
  8. OK, thanks girls...they are on their way. Hopefully I will be able to walk in them. The heels are 3 inch according to the SA I spoke with.
  9. Love the Gold/Bronze shoes JM

    I saw the Turquoise Maddy IRL this week and it is TDF :drool:

    I would have been very tempted to get the Turquoise had there been a Mahala sitting there, but luckily Jburgh and a few others beat me to it!