help with color

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  1. I eveyone!!!!!
    ok, I'am in love with the embroidered floral audrey but cant make up my mind on which color to get!!!! I need your help!!!! My fav. colors are pink and purple, most of my closet is pink, purple and black, and i also have the audrey in fushia, the claire in amethyst, and the poppy in violet....
    so what color should i get,the eggshell, anthracite, or the violet
    Thanks for the help!!!
  2. do you have a pic of the anthracite or the violet
  3. anthracite!!!! yummy!
  4. No and i keep calling JAX to see if they do but nothing.....
  5. Oh, I forgot to say that anthracite will look so amazing with purples and pinks! :yes:
  6. with the anthracite color do you think you could still see the pretty floral on the bag?
  7. Oooo la la,,,thats true:thinking:

  8. hmmm, that will be the only question. It would be awesome if they used a thread that was slightly lighter.....
  9. is anthracite grey? the eggshell unless its patent would get dirty sooo fast
  10. YES!!!!!!!!!!! wow!!!!! with a lighter metallic shine in the thread would be super hot:biggrin:
  11. i think this will be the one!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I may be insane, but I say go with the eggshell... I'm getting that one and bear in mind that I have two kiddos under 3 and a husband who races on dirt! :biggrin: If you pass on eggshell, then I would have to pick anthracite. You don't have a grey bag yet do you? A grey bag was a must for me in my collection, I think you'll get a lot of use out of it!
  13. no, no grey bag yet...... i hope to get this one soon!!!!!!
    psst...i'am taking the carryall back, i wear alot of dark jeans and the color will get on the white part of the bag and if that happens they will not take it back,....
  14. I think you should go anthracite then. Color transfer is evil! And I can see it being a problem. I usually carry my bags in-hand, so I'm hoping I'll avoid that problem!

    Bummer you have to take the carryall back, it's so pretty! I really hope you find a bag that's a good fit!
  15. im thinking that im going to get the anthracite too...all my other bags tend to be purple or pink