help with color: purchase vernis-reade pm

  1. To pick between the Norsete and the pomme D'mour. The Norsette is neutral will go with everything, but the Pomme D'mour is so HOT.

    Please suggest. Need Asap!!!!:shrugs:
  2. Your will have to weigh up which one you will get more use out of. Although, the Pomme is a real stand out smokin bag
  3. Pomme, unless you can't wear it with anything in your closet...then get a mono speedy & that will go with everything ;)
  4. it really does depend on what you wear, what your style is and if you want it to stand out heavily or match well.
  5. Pomme now as it is limited colour, you can get neutral bag later
  6. pomme is TDF!
  7. Gotta get the Pomme! It is very beautiful and rich in color. I think you will be able to get a lot of use out of it!
  8. Pomme... noisette is kinda boring...
  9. Pomme, I think the Noisette while sparkly does have the concern of transfer more than the darker pomme.