Help with color on Small Marmont Canera Bag


Nov 30, 2014
Happy Sunday to all!! Would love some advice on A color for this Gucci camera bag. I have a Chanel WOC in black with silver Hatdware and it's my go to bag on weekends!, I love pink but afraid of color transfer but it's so pretty!!! Would you do black yo be safe it get pink and risk it?
Thank you all


May 24, 2015
The pink is a pretty colour and perfect for spring/summer. If you do decide to go with the pink just be mindful of not to wear dark colour clothing with it. But if your wardrobe consists mainly of dark colours then it'd be safer to go with the black one or the red one.

Hope to see your reveal when you make yoir decision. Good luck deciding!


Jan 19, 2014
I love lighter colored bags in my wardrobe too, and yes it could get color transfer but I wouldn't worry too much about it honestly. Go with your gut.
Oct 21, 2008
Yes, take the risk - if you love the pink get the pink! You should buy what you love :yes:
And since you already have a black WOC with SHW having the pink with gold HW would add some contrast to your weekend wardrobe options.
Be prepared for colour transfer, but it may not happen. Colour transfer has never been much of an issue for me so I don't even consider it when buying light coloured bags.
Mar 15, 2011
I have a nude Marmont and I just make sure to wear grey or light colored denim when I am wearing it. As long as you don't wear it with dark denim (blue or black) you should probably be okay. My Chanel SA (I know it is a different brand) once told me that you only really needed to worry about color transfer from denim and suede (apparently suede coloring can rub off pretty easily according to her).


Apr 17, 2015
I have a pink Chanel WOC and it is a lovely change form black but I do build my outfit around the bag because of color transfer. I am mindful that whatever clothing it will lay against will not be a color transfer issue. If you want to be completely care free buy the black one.