Help with color of Lindy!

  1. I am about to purchase my first Hermes bag and it will be a Lindy. Should I get Blue Jean or Gold Lindy?
  2. Gold!! But I do like the blue jean as well as I've seen from members here who own it. I've also loved the pictures of the Lindy in etoupe. I still say go with the gold. :smile:
  3. I actually had the same choices, but I picked the BJ since it had more "pop" (IMO)
  4. by the way the gold Linday that I saw, had a gold zipper!!
  5. Ohhh, I LOVE BJ, but I would pick the gold. I REALLY LOVE Hermes Gold
  6. I think gold clemence is beautiful and IMO a bit more versatile.
  7. Which are you looking for a neutral or a pop of color that is versatile?