Help with color- Lg Multipocket

  1. I have decided that I must have a large multipocket.:yes:
    I have been stalking them and I have seen the small in graphite:drool: ...

    Does the large multipocket come in graphite??? That's what I neeeeeed!
  2. Come on! Someone has to know!

    Does MJ make the Large multipocket in graphite???:shrugs:
  3. According to what Bag.lover posted in the price/info of F06 bags/wallets thread, Graphite was available in the following soft calf styles:

    SOFT CAFT LEATHER line (suede lining & gold hardware)
    Blake -- $995USD
    Multipocket, small -- $895
    Flap Satchel -- $995
    Sling -- $825
    Zipped Clutch - $395
    Zip Wallet, Large -- $495
    Sporty Tote -- $975
    Amy Hobo -- $995
  4. But is that a complete list? I saw the list but it doesn't say large and small multipocket.
    I asked a SA at Bloomies and she said no on the large but I am not sure if she really knew. And I don't see the multipocket large on the MJ website.:confused1:
  5. The MJ website does not have a complete listing of all their bags. Have you tried calling a MJ Boutique?
  6. Not yet. I guess I will do that tomorrow.
    Is it OK if I cry on the phone if they tell me they don't make it???:crybaby:
  7. When you call will you let us know what they say please? Thanks :smile: .