Help with color identification

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  1. Hi, I just bought an agenda and was wondering if you ladies can tell med what kind of color this is? The SA took the stickers out, so I didn't get a chance to see what leather or what color it was. I also bought a Carmencita that is in the same color as the interior of the agenda, perhaps that will help.

    PICT0981.jpg PICT0984.jpg PICT0973.jpg PICT0992.jpg
  2. I love it- it is gorgeous!!!! Here you can find some colour samples.
  3. I'm probably not much help, but I wonder if it's the new bordeaux? Very pretty Congratulations!
  4. Thanks, thats great for reference.
  5. The leather looks like veau rodeo - does it smell utterly devine? Not sure about the colour, marron foncé? It's beautiful, thanks for sharing and congrats
  6. How pretty Mediana!!
  7. Mediana, Stunning! :smile:
    Congrats. :smile: