Help with color/hardware of Blake

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm sorry for starting another thread on this, but I need help on both color & hardware of Blake. I have a hard time deciding between Black & Nutmeg Blake in person, which combination do you like better? I personally prefer Silver Hardware, but don't absolutely love the obvious contrast stitching on Blake. The light stitching blends in more with Nutmeg, but I am so-so with Gold Harware. Also, I am not 100% in love with this shade of Brown. I have been waiting & waiting for possible new colors, but I am not sure whether that will happen (ie. whether Blake is being continued). I consider getting it soon, I'm looking for a bag in neutral color that can go with my work wardwrobe; Putty is a bit too grey/light for me on this specific bag and my reasoning for needing it (work). Thank you in advance.

    1. Nutmeg Blake + Gold Hardware

    2. Black Blake + Silver Hardware
  2. I think both combinations are lovely, it really depends on your wardrobe. Do you wear a lot of warm, earth toned colors, a lot of oranges, terra cotta, plummy purples, greens with a lot of yellow in them? Go for the nutmeg.

    Do you wear a lot of cooler toned colors, greys, black? Go for the black.

    What about your jewelry? That is usually a good indication of what hardware you might like better with your wardrobe (not that your bag hardware needs to match your jewelry, but that your jewelry preference offers a hint as to what tones you like better).

    Good luck!
  3. I prefer the black one. I have one in black and LOVE it. I also bought a blue one a few weeks ago at Nordstrom's that has silvertone hardware. It's like a greyish shade of blue.
  4. How about going with this spring's black Blake with the pale gold hardware? This is my favorite version of the bag as the slightly golden tint of the hardware compliments the contrast stitching. I know exactly what you mean when you say you don't like the stitching on the black Blake with silver hardware. The stitching on the spring bag actually looks great! I'm attaching a photo from eLuxury of the large satchel in this combination. It is such a classy look! I called MJ SF and while they don't have this version of Blake in stock, it is still available through the MJ stores.

    Good luck!
  5. I agree with you--no putty. It works for some people, but if you don't like the color right off the bat--pass. That means no nutmeg too. It's a nice color, but it's a little too yellowy or something. It's not as neutral of a brown as I'd like--so I think I know why you're hesitating. Black is nice, but I understand your thing about the contrast stitching. It sounds like you're set on the Blake.

    Ok, this is sorta throwing a "wrench" in your idea... But what about a metallic silver Blake? It's actually a very nice neutral. The silver isn't over blingy. It pretty much goes with everything. I know some people think that metallics are over, but this is definitely one metallic that I think will work for a long time.... has the bag, here's a link:
  6. Youngprof, thanks. I hardly wear orange/green/yellow/terracotta.
    My wardrobe is on the conservative side, it consists of mostly black/grey/tan/cream bottoms (pants, pencil skirts) and light to dark tops. I buy purple/pink and other girly colored tops, but I sometimes think these colors are a bit bright for work so I would end up wearing neutral color tops (white, charcoal, oatmeal). I am trying to change this old conception of mine. =)

    In terms of jewelry, I like simple/classic pieces. I wear studs (small pearl/diamond earring), white gold necklace with a pearl face, and matte color Cartier Pasha watch.

    Seems like Black fits me more.

  7. Kat, thank you. -)
    I thought of getting Nutmeg at first. My SA's able to transfer Black/Putty/White(not sure if it's Linen, haven't seen it yet) Blake from other stores so I have more choices now. I saw your blue in person recently, it's nice with Silver (looks great on you). I am trying to get myself to try other colors (I always stick to black/brown/cream), hopefully, I will have the courage to do so in the future.
  8. Valerieb, thanks for the recommendation, I'm afraid I cannot buy it. I recently bought MJ's Patent Elise in Black -- it's almost the same as this one. Elise has 1 pocket in the front, I love it and is keeping it for sure.

  9. Thanks Wickedassin, I agree with you that I should pass on Putty and Nutmeg since they don't me a 'have to have it' feeling. I am set on the Blake (along with Elise and mini Bowler) b/c of its size and style. I'm quite petite (5ft & small frame) so a lot of nice looking bags just don't work for me. I tried on Venetia again, it's beautiful in person but simply too big for me.

    As for metallic Blake, I will see if I can across one. I am trying to stay open-minded b/c I love MJ's Patent Ursula line though I was never into patent.

  10. I think you're in the OC area... Do you ever get to the LA area? I've heard that MJ stores (there's one on Melrose) carries the metallic Blake--you'd have to call ahead to make sure they had it. But that's one way to see it in person. I haven't seen a metallic Blake at the department stores...

    I can't think of any other options... Unless you're going to Vegas--I think the MJ store there might have it too.

    If you want something other than a stock photo of the metallic, take a look in the marketplace. I was selling my multi-pocket MJ in silver and it's the exact same color...
  11. Wickedassin, thanks for the info.
    I am in OC, I go to LA sometimes (traffic jam and difficult parking). Didn't know there's an MJ store there, will have to check it out in the near future. I'm going to San Diego this weekend. Been wanting to go to Vegas, it's in the works. =)

  12. The Blake is considered to be one of the "classic" Marc Jacobs bags so it will probably continue to be around as it is so functional. The sales associate at MJ told me that there are like 5-6 "classic" bags and the Blake was one of them. The other bags are considered "trendy" bags. She also told me that MJ never repeats a color (with the exception of black) so season to season the color palette changes. You have good taste. I too, own a black Elise (but in matte leather with gold hardware), but loved the patent one.
  13. I live in San Diego!!! Are you going to go shopping? If you are--go to the Fashion Valley Mall--it's the best. And if you need someone who'll give you an honest opinion and be helpful--ask for Joseph at Nordstrom.
  14. Hi Bag Lover--

    I'm sorry for the confusion on my earlier post--I only posted the pic of the large satchel to show the color combination--the Blake actually comes in this color combination as well. I know you mentioned you weren't fond of gold hardware, but this version of the Blake in black has very pale gold hardware that almost looks like rose gold or silver. It really is very stunning with the stitching compared to the standard black Blake with the silver hardware. I'm not into gold hardware either but this version of the Blake definitely caught my eye.

    By the way, I love the black patent Elise! Great choice!
  15. Yogagirl, thanks for the assurance. I kept holding out for a color I like, that's why I kept going back and forth on it. I don't know if I will be happy if a great color comes out after my purchase, as of now, I don't have any bag in multiple colors ( hope to stay that way).

    We both have good taste then. =)