Help with collection trio

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  1. Hi lovelies! I have not posted here in a while.
    I mostly use MZ Wallace these days as I travel a lot and they are just the best bags for me for that purpose.
    However, I am missing my structured bags. I'm turning 50 this year so want to celebrate with these 3 styles :smile:
    Could I kindly ask your preferences for your perfect trio. Note that the Dionysus is a must as I am smitten with that design! :smile:
    I have a very casual lifestyle, and even for business and client meetings, our industry is business casual.
    I guess the toss up is between: YSL medium kate and the two Glam locks, which I know is not really apples for apples but I feel like the Gucci and the Kate serve the same purpose. And then the other toss up is which color between the two Rockstud crossbody for more casual outings. If you have other suggestions too for another brand (not Chanel or LV or Prada), I welcome them! Thanks!
    Bag build.JPG
  2. For me, it'd be Dionysus, YSL and the pink GlamLock. A black bag and a soft neutral are good choices along the more relaxed Gucci - IMO the patterned fabric makes Dionysus a very everyday-kinda bag, basically best worn with jeans and a t-shirt or a sweater. For any other outfit I'd wear something else.
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  3. I'd lean towards the Gucci dionysus or the ysl. I love the look of Valentino bags but have had bad luck with them. I had one that's got both handles and a shoulder strap, and the shoulder strap broke. I don't carry a lot and it was really disappointing that it broke after a few months use. I think that the skinny straps are too weak to be able to use without breaking.
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  4. Thank you! I am leaning towards those choices, until I read the next poster’s comments about Glam lock durability :sad:
  5. Oh that’s too bad. I was excited about trying Valentino out as I’ve never had one before. I love their edginess too! Have to rethink this one then...
  6. Gucci, YSL, and Valentino Glam Lock. I’ve had my Glam Lock since January 2018 and haven’t had any issues with it. It’s a fun bag!