HELP with Coco, Carter Jr. and Lavender ZC

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  1. i REALLY need the expertise of the ladies here to help me decide which to keep. :nuts:
    no i cannot keep both coco and carter jr, although i would love to! i still have a couple of bags i would like to purchase for fall. i already own several satchel type bags: two seventies (indigo and elephant) and THREE hudsons, i know, i know! but i loved the Coco from the pics i saw.
    i love the charcoal coco, although one side is smooth and one side is VERY veiny. i like variation in leather but i like it to be consistent, KWIM?
    i love, love, love the shark grey :drool::drool: grey is my favorite color. BUT i would like to eventually order the BB (which is the blue pleated bag w/silver thingy iluvmybags posted) are those bags too similar?
    and then the wallet...i wanted to see that for the color and i need a wallet w/silver hardware! looks different than eluxury's pics. please let me know your honest opinions on that one!!!

    pics of coco
    and i have taken plenty of pics, more to follow!!

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  2. more coco

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  3. grace! so this is what you've been doing all this time. i knew you were too oddly quiet and calm. :sneaky:

    even though i haven't seen your pics of the lavendar zc and carter jr, i'm already going to tell you to return the coco. it so similar to the seventies satchel and hudson, which you own multiples of! the carter jr in shark grey you should definitely keep. the sunburst bb is a similar shape and size, but the pleating and ornamental detail makes it different enough from the carter jr. meanwhile, i'll patiently wait for pics of the zc. ;)
  4. carter jr:

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  5. bi color lavender zc:

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  6. OMG, I'm not going to be any help, this is just to say wow the coco is beautiful, love the colour, shape and the chain (and I'm not a fan of the gold chains) the studs, wow. The carter jr gorgeous too, not too sure of the zc.

    Tad knows best tho :smile:
  7. yes, well we lost power today due to a hurricane! interfering with my time on tPF, the nerve. i thankfully had my laptop to get me through!
    thanks for your advice, can you actually read my mind :P
  8. thanks for your opinion :smile: that's one of the reasons i ordered the coco, love the chain!!! and the charcoal, TDF :drool:
  9. i would pick whichever one is bigger. i like big bags. ;) they are both so pretty that i can choose other than that! :heart:
  10. Is the coco divided into 3 sections like the Hudson and Blake and how big is it, similar to the Hudson?
  11. it is three sections like the hudson. dimensions are 15 x 10.5 x 5. the strap drop is longer than hudson. it' definitely lighter than hudson, too. HTH!
  12. Thank you Grace. Well it's just fabulously gorgeous and I'd now have to say go with the coco, love the 3 sections. Can't wait to see what you decide to keep. :smile:
  13. Tadpole knows what she's talking about, but I personally love the coco better!
  14. Wow, those bags are so gorgeous. I think this is one of MJ's best seasons ever.
    Did you think about the carter jr. in the charcoal? I like that color better, although I like the shape and chain of tote. But it is very similar to the seventies.
    Have you thought about selling one of the seventies?

    Not really liking the bicolor ZC--the difference in leathers would personally drive me crazy.

    How about a family pic of what must be your jaw-dropping collection??
  15. thanks dawn and HmMm! this is a tough one!
    roomommy- i thought about the charcoal jr, but i NEED/WANT something in the shark grey :nuts:
    i have a collection pic, but it has changed alot, need to take an updated one after some new arrivals!