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  1. #1 Apr 17, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2016
    I'm thinking about buying an older Coach bag and have found a few on Ebay. I've narrowed it down between a Stewardess bag, a beaumont satchel and a broadway satchel. I've never seen any of these in person.. but would like the opinion of those who are familiar with these bags. I'm looking for a bag I can throw around for everyday use.

    I like the shape of the beaumont satchel, but I'm concerned that the zipper pull might not last, as well as where the crossbody strap attaches to the bag.. I'm not delicate with my bags and think that I might be too rough on the handles. The strap that comes with the Broadway bag isn't adjustable and I'm also concerned about the zipper pull wearing down. I'm concerned about floppy handles with both the Broadway and the Beaumont. Lastly, I'm thinking the Stewardess bag might be too casual and too much like a messenger.

    I think all of the sizes would be perfect for me and what I need to carry. I do need the crossbody option. I'm also looking at the older models because I love Coach's thick, chewy leather from those times. I also love that they all have feet! I'm open to other suggestions for different styles. I adore the Court satchel, but find that it would be too small. Would appreciate any input! Thanks so much.
  2. For Beaumont and Broadway make sure the handles aren't mushy.
  3. The stewardess can't be worn crossbody unless you can find a longer replacement strap. I don't think it looks like a messenger bag because of the rounded shape. It is nice because it has some extra pockets.

    I've never had a problem with the zipper pulls on any of my vintage satchels. I have had to replace a few on non-vintage bags. If by chance, they do break, it shouldn't be too difficult to get a replacement made at a leather shop.

    As long as you get a satchel with good handles, they should last a long time. They might get mushy if you bathe the bag. I've had more problems with mushy handles on slim satchels, not the two satchels you are considering. These have flatter handles rather than rolled handles. Recently the handles on my soft satchel started to soften. I pushed torn-up tissues inside until the handles were solid again. I believe that it worked so well because I didn't wait for the handles to get really bad.

    I can't remember ever finding an authentic Coach satchel where the attachments for the straps wore out. If you don't like the non-adjustable strap, you can get a custom made adjustable strap or find one on ebay, or even buy another bag just for the strap (I've done this!)
  4. Thanks for your input! I think I'm going to go with the stewardess.. Now the question is.. Black or dark brown! All of my other bags I own are black, but it is such a perfect color because it doesn't show dirt and goes with everything! The dark brown is rich and lovely.. Might be something different!
  5. Both are beautiful. I love my brown bags but then I have to remember to wear brown shoes. I recommend you look for one made before 2003 in the US, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Italy or Turkey.
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