HELP with Coach Cell Phone Lanyard!

  1. Does anyone know how to put a lanyard on a Motorola Razr phone?

    I guess it goes through the middle where it folds or something?

    I can't figure it out for the life of me!:nuts:


    Thanks in advance!:smile:
  2. Thats right! :yes:
  3. You are right.
    It's in this circular round thing
    Just keep trying, you'll get it =)
  4. Yeah, mine went through the slot on the right top corner. I had to force it through with a bit of help from a bent paperclip to pull it through.
  5. Aawww! That's how you do it! I'm glad someone asked, I felt silly because I really wanted a lanyard today at the outlet but I didn't know if I could hook it on a razr! Next time, I know what I'm getting! Which one do you have handbglvr?
  6. Thanks girls!
    I'll keep trying!
  7. I have the magenta Razr and just purchased the pink leather daisy lanyard at the outlet for $16.00!
  8. Could someone post pics just so I know I got it right?
  9. I have the magenta one too!
    The last time I went (President's Day) to the outlets the lanyards were full price though.

    Are they running a sale? Is it on all of them?
    How about the keyfobs?
  10. They must be! I key fobs (mostly letters) are $13.99 after the 30% discount and there were only a few lanyards left at $16.00!
  11. I pushed mine through with a toothpick, it went right through.... of course that was after I tried to thread it through for 1/2 hour!
  12. The SA could not get mine in. I took a piece of thread, threaded it through the lanyard, then looped it, put both ends of the thread in my cellphone hole...very very tiny but the thread fit great, then I PULLED HARD and it went through
  13. this is exactly what i did, i dont have a razo i have a SLVR so i cant help with the pics...sorry
  14. Got it! Thanks to all who helped!:smile: