Help with Cloe Paddington on Ebay


Jan 6, 2006
I'm starting to like Cloe Paddington bags and not familiar with the brand and want to look on Ebay. There's so many sellers and the prices are mystifying. Can you tell me some trustworthy sellers and what are the reasonable prices for a used Cloe bag? I saw some for $200-$1500. How can you detect if it's authentic or not? Sorry for asking too many question, but I just love the stlye and want to buy an authentic bag.
trusted sellers are:


i believe loganz and ceejay from this board also have paddingtons on ebay.

as far as how to tell if it's authentic...almost none of them are. if it's significantly below $1500, it's not. there aren't a lot of hard and fast rules, you just have to get used to how it's supposed to look. i've gotten pretty good at it, so feel free to ask me or anyone else here for help when you find one you're interested in.