Help With Cleaning Ivory Leather Car Seats

  1. Ive had my car for ONLY 2 weeks and i already see that my jeans have rubbed off onto the ivory leather seats.
    Does anyone know of a good cleaner? I am worried to try anything as it could make it smudge, and make it look worse than it was to begin with.
    I have spoken to alot of people and they all recommend 'autoglym'.

    I remember this happening to my chloe paddington that was ivory. My bag looks filthy now because of jeans e.t.c rubbing off onto the bag. I really dont want my seats to get this bad.

    I would really appreciate some advice.

    Thanks :smile:
  2. what kind of car is it? the dealer may be able to help you, but you can try armor-all wipes.
  3. I'm curious about this as well. My car is *much* older, but my cream-colored seats are looking pretty dirty.
  4. Its a Range Rover Sport and i have already called them. They told me that the best thing to use is autoglym and that i can buy it from Halfords, but i am very scared to try something on the leather just incase it smudges and makes it look worse. Really dont know what to do. The only other thing i can do is cover up the seat but then it looks horrible.
  5. If you are going to use an actual leather cleaner make sure you use a conditioner/protectant after that to help protect the leather, my husband likes meguiars. That's what he uses when he cleans my car and I have light tan leather seats. The only products that my husband won't use on any of our cars is armor all because it's alcohol based and dries out leather, vinyl, etc...
  6. The same thing happened to me. My dark jeans rubbed off on my light grey leather seats. I'm going to have to try these suggestions too!
  7. Great :yucky: My new car has ivory seats as well :nogood:

    I guess I too will be looking for the perfect leather cleaner.

    NOTE TO SELF" "refrain from wearing the dark jeans when driving CoCo".
  8. I would take the car back & tell them to fix it. You paid way too much money for the car for this to be occuring. DH Lexus had ivory seats & both of us sat on them in jeans for 6 years & never had this happen.
    RR cut their costs in leather manufacturing if this is happening. Its one thing for a purse to do this, but not what you pay for a RR.
  9. ^^^ my lexus had ivory seats and i never had a problem either..i was waiting for some other lexus owners to chime in to see if they had problems
  10. I forgot - I also have ivory seat on my '06 Lexus too. They look like new.
  11. My previous car had pale beige leather and I always used Lexol on them. It's what I used to use on my saddles too. It's inexpensive and it absolutely won't harm the leather.

    My current car has black leather, which I wasn't crazy about initially, but I've come to LOVE it!
  12. I am a Lexus owner (GX470 with grey interior & SC430 with ivory interior with black accents--Pebble Beach edition). I'm on my 3rd Lexus vehicle but I've only had the car with ivory seats technically since November 15th but have only been driving it since Christmas. So far, so good.

    Honestly I didn't really pay attention to my attire when driving until yesterday. I had on a pair of True Religion jeans and became instantly aware of the pockets (the ones with flaps and buttons) as soon as I sat down as they scrapped the seats. I literally had to go out of my way to sit directly down in the middle of the seat on the first shot.

    I asked the guy at the dealership when I bough this car about dye transfer and he insisted it wouldn't happen. I guess we will see:shrugs:
  13. ^^^^ OMG!! I never put attention to this but now that I remember I've been wearing my TR with a long coat so it didnt touch the leather. I am always pretty careful but sometimes you are in the run and forget little things like this that could ruin the leather.

    I choose my interior black for fear of color transfer, dirt, etc.

    I also heard that Melgiar makes the best products. Lexus sells their own leather condicioner and cleaner at the dealership. At least mine does, you could try that one.

    Another thing, they just send out Christmas cards with coupons for leather treatment, wax, carpet cleaning, etc.

    ETA: I just read OP owns a Land Rover. I hope the color comes out, I am sure it will.
  14. OK SK, you jinxed me :sad: I wore my dark TR jeans today and low and behold, dye transfer on my pristine ivory leather seats :wtf:

    Luckily I was at the Lexus dealership and they cleaned it right off with minimal effort. I left the dealership sitting on one of those plastic seat covers they use when they service your car (LOL) and immediately started investigating leather seat covers-- which are outrageous at nearly $800 BUT they are hot :p

    After adding all kinds of aftermarket upgrades my car cost a mini fortune. I can't believe I'm already contemplating covering the seats. I paid extra for the Pebble Beach Edition because the interior is awesome. I dont know what I was thinking...I guess I wasn't thinking at all.

    So much for that. :rolleyes:
  15. I have the same problem, so if someone finds something that works the PLEASE let all of us know!!