Help with cleaning a Birkin

  1. I just purchased a pre-owned black togo birkin and I would like to clean out the lint and polish up the leather. Any suggestions what I can use?

  2. Take it to hermes for spa treatment perhaps? :p
  3. Do you know what that entails?

  4. I'd probably take it in for spa treatment as well, but if you're a do-it-yourselfer, I have used Meltonion shoe polish in neutral to spiffy up a togo bag upon other tpf'er recommendations. Worked very well.
  5. ^^^ Don't know... but it will come back as good as new.
  6. Great! Thank you both for the info.
  7. Meltonian. It is available at the shoemaker. Before you polish, take a lightly damp rag and clean the inside of the bag and outside as well. Dry, and then polish. You can use a jewellers rouge cloth to polish the hardware.
  8. How often do you recommend cleaning your bag with melatonian? Every week, month? I've yet to clean mine because of the fear of possibly staining or discoloring it.
  9. Not too often. But if you haven't yet cleaned it, you may want to try it. Meltonian works really well. What leather/colour is yours?
  10. I'll build up the courage and try it sometime soon! Thanks!

    I have a black vache liagee 35cm (K stamp)
  11. i suggest you send your to Hermes for cleaning... they really do a great job!
  12. No worries about Meltonian and VL!
    The only thing is that with a grained leather you need to polish it carefully (I personally use a soft clothes brush and put a microfiber cloth over it) because the polish is a bit hard to get out of grained leather.
  13. laf724 - please, please do not try out leather cleansers on your new baby at home! I advise a trip to Hermes Spa. I have just returned from FSH where I had to drop my birkin for a refurbish job after I had a disasterous episode with an attempt at home cleaning. My bag's a blue jean togo. First off the stitches around the handle at the top seemed a little black almost like they had absorbed some of the black colour from the sealant used on the handles. I had a wet wipe thingy which I had used on my hands, so I decided to just gently rub the stitches to see if the black would come off. It didn't but what did happen was I removed the blue jean colouring from the handles leaving a black mark or line. I tried then to remove this with a cloth and hot soapy water - this made the problem even worse and there was blue colour transfer on the cloth. Finally, I tried saphir delicate cream neutral leather cleaner thinking to remove the black mark. However, it only got larger! I have used Saphir cream on my black togo with no problems before.

    So this afternoon, really concerned I took my blue jean to the spa! One look at it and the very sweet Hermes SA said it was repairable - thank goodness! - but that all this silly cleaning had removed the colour pigment from the area on the handle and that the colour would need to be put back. She told me that my bag might be away from home for up to 3 months! So learn from my stupid mistake, don't tackle cleaning, marks, birkin disasters on your own - go to the Spa for a service!