Help With Christmas Gift [Wallet] to Gal!


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Dec 14, 2006
Howdy everyone! I was browsing the web in search of a wallet for the lovely lady friend when I came across this forum and decided it would be the perfect place to post a question and get some input from some gals who seem to know their stuff!

So the lady friend got herself a Damier Papillon 26 several months ago and she's in need of a wallet to go along with this purchase. I gave her a hard time about it because I never imagined a girl would spend so much money on a purse (and I know they get SOOO much more expensive)...but I try and understand it by noticing how much I spend on my fishing equipment.

I don't live anywhere near a LV store so I can't look at anything firsthand. I have to rely on the internet. So, she needs a wallet to match this small purse of hers. We set a small Christmas spending limit and I know if I spend too much over she may feel really bad. So my limit is a mere $250. I'm a young fella... bare with me :P

I have no idea how this kinda stuff goes... I'm guessing we need to stay with the Damier print. Is there anything even available as a wallet at this price range? My purchase would have to be online unless I knew the specific model and could phone it in to a store here in Texas. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. I'm going crazy here!


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Jul 31, 2006
No need to stay in the Damier print! Mix and match is great. Get a wallet from Elux, saves you the tax. I´m afraid 250 will only get you a Ludlow (small, not really for bills, unless tucked in, and it´s 255d)

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Hmm although I'm not a lady, I can offer you advice =)

I went to and foudn the:

Ludlow Wallet for $255

Billfold with 6 Credit Card Slots is $270 (a little over)

Change Purse $ 245

All in Damier and on Eluxury!


Mar 2, 2006
The Ludlow is really small; I'd get a billfold-it's a great wallet and you can keep your money flat because of the longer pocket in the back. No room for change, but that's not really a big deal IMO, unless she carries a lot of it.

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or maybe a
Pocket Agenda

3 credit card slots and one long pocket :shrugs:

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That's a great wallet! I wouldn't mind getting that myself. But I think his limit is 250. :smile:


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Oct 6, 2006
if ur looking for a damier wallet...i'd say go for the koala's cute and very practical, it holds a lot actually :smile: