Help with Christmas gift for my mom

  1. Ok so here's the deal, my mother owns a few birkins, 5- 7:confused1: , but doesn't own a classic black birkin, I know she's wanted one for awhile but since her last Birkin purchase which was a two tone 30cm box, she's been convincing herself, that she needs to take an Hermes break. When I recently picked up my 40cm I could totally tell she wanted to be the one leaving the store with a birkin, and I know she won't do the damage herself so I will for her by way of Christmas shopping [on my parents tab :graucho:]! But I don't know if I should go for a black
    one or something different, like A bolide, or lindy, its just that she gawks over black 30 birkins like she could only dream of owning Hermes, so a little part of me is wanting to just go through with the Black one. But I don't know! Also, as far as eBay, What sellers do you recommend I've never eBay'd for Hermes. Thanks all :smile:

    Major reveal as soon as I get back to BH to see Betty on Rodeo :smile::yahoo::love:
  2. lecolquitt, What a nice gift for your Mom. I'm sure she will love a black Birkin. :smile: There's many great people here who can inform you on what resellers to buy from. Good luck! :smile:
  3. What about a black Kelly? To me, they are really, truly the epitome of Hermes classic style.
  4. She owns the black kelly :smile: & I couldn't agree more. I think its just a birkin thing with her though. She really wants a black birkin.
  5. :smile: Thanks I've been reading through some other threads about eBay sellers so I think, I'm somewhat getting a feel for who's who on eBay.
  6. there is a recommended sellers list in the shopping section, very reliable.
    sandia exchange is a terrific deal on preowned if you can go that route, amazing prices....check out luxury-zurich, they also have their own web site and plus they have all kinds of stuff in their store. they'd be more likely to have stuff in great condition too, good luck! sweet of you to think of your mom!