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  1. Hi everyone,

    As much as I know waist bags are a thing of the past, I'm searching for a bag that I can use for travel ( I want to keep my hands free).

    The reason, why I've opted for a waist bag (to be slung over the shoulder) is because it's small and closer to the body so it'll be harder to pick pocket me?

    So far, I've come across the rochelle and the marelle pochette. Pics are down below respectively. If you want an idea of how they look worn, here are some links to yoogi's closet.

    I'm having troubles deciding which one. I plan on keeping my passport and misc items in there.

    Any suggestions would be of great help and if you know of any other similar bags let me know (doesn't have to be LV, even though i am posting in a LV forum). :P


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  2. I think waist bags are cute. Not the 80's "fanny pack" looking ones, but the functional kinds. I have a Tokidoki one that I got for my birthday a few years back, that looks more like a utility belt (lol) and has lots of pockets. I use it when I go to amusement parks and for holiday shopping.

    That said, both of the ones you sent look nice. The Epi looks more functional than the Monogram one, since those buckles seem like they would get cumbersome.

  3. Thanks so much for the input!! I'm just afraid the Epi on can't carry as much as the monogram one.

    I too have thought about the the buckles looking cumbersome....still deciding!!
  4. I don't understand what you are looking for. Do you want to buy a waist bag to wear on your waist?
  5. Yes, I am looking for a waist bag, however I want to wear it like a chest pack (if that makes sense).