Help with choosing my first bag!

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  1. I turned 18 last year and my Mom is getting me my very own designer bag (I usually have to use hers which are not very 'me'). I've always wanted a Chanel Medallion or GST and I can't really decide on which to get. But now, there's the entry of the Balenciaga Motorcycle in either black or dark red!

    All of the bags I'm considering are pretty 'classic' so I'm quite convinced I'll use them quite often in the years to come but all of them are such fabulous bags and I really need some advice from you girls!

  2. Between the choices you mentioned, i'll choose GST! ;)
  3. I prefer the GST to the Medallion too.
  4. def. GST!
  5. GST for sure
  6. Chanel all the way
  7. GST gets my vote!!