Help with choosing my 1st Balenciaga

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  1. Hi everyone I am looking to add a Balenciaga to my handbag collection.
    I just don't know which one to get I like the giant city in Black not sure which hardware to go with either. I just got a Chanel GST with SHW this week for My Bday so I was thinking maybe Gold or Rose Gold. But I still like Silver too.So many choices so is the Giant City bag the way to go it seems like a nice size.I like med size bags. So I need everyones input as this will help me decide. Also does this bag come in like a grey color? So please please help I want to get my new bag soon like today LOL :idea::shrugs:
  2. Yes it does come in Grey (also known as Anthracite).

    I think you should get the colour leather and colour hardware you will use the most.

    The Gold and Rose Gold look fab with the Black or Anthra. Someone said the new Gold only comes with black, and no other colours for the new City bags: I really have no idea.

    There is a small gold-toned hardware, which is the polished, un-aged brass hardware: I personally love it - you get the gold without the weight of the old Giant Hardware. It has been released on certain Bal bags, and may slowly become available on other styles and more colours.

    Good luck!
  3. SkyBlueDay thanks for the response. I just also wanted to know since I am new to Balenciaga world what is the difference between partime city and the giant city is it just the size.I think I really like Black with GH it makes the bag really sound out. Thanks again
  4. Hi there!

    No worries.

    The "Giant" refers to the size of the hardware.

    So, I think you mean Giant Part-Time vs Giant City? If that is so, then the only difference is that the Part-Time sits more horizontally than the City. The Part-Time's size is bigger by about an inch all around, than the City. Both bags, if their names are as above, have Giant (the big thimble) Hardware.
  5. SkyBlueDay thank you for your response. I like the Giant City bag better I did have question about the hardware has there ever been a problem with one vs the other. Like coming off or tarnishing. I had Jimmy Choo bag and the gold hardware started to tarnish and I only carried it maybe 10 times.I like all the them so any suggestions will help and thanks again:biggrin:
  6. I suggest that you get Black with GGH since you already have the GST with SHW. I love my city GGH, not a fan or rose gold.