help with choosing bag

  1. Hi there girls (and boys? not sure if there are guys using this forum!). Im having trouble trying to decide what LV bag to buy. I have never bought an LV or any designer bag before so this will be a first for me. I have my eye on the manhattan PM but that one is really strecthing my budget so im still very undecided on that one. I go to uni so i need something that isnt too small. I also thought about a Speedy but i dont like the saggy look :s Any ideas?
  2. you can put a piece of cardboard or a magazine at the bottom to prevent sagging for the speedy. :smile:

    what are your handbag needs? do you like handheld or shoulder? small bags or large bags?

    with LV there are SO many options at all different kinds of price points.
  3. Have you considered the BH? That is a great bag for students, it can fit files, books, notebooks, etc. and it does have the sag factor, also it is much less than the Manhattan.
  4. hmmmm. i usually go for shoulder bags because i like having my arms and hands free but wouldnt mind getting a handheld as i havent bought one of those for ages. i also go for bags that are bag and roomy but not too big as im only 4ft 11 :biggrin:

    As for needs i want something that will hold the basic stuff i carry with me all the time (phone, long wallet, makeup bag, ipod nano, brush, tissue packet and keys) plus a little extra room
  5. I suggest for a shoulder bag either the BH or the Neverfull

    For a Handheld. I would go with a speedy. I took a DVD case and opened it up and laid it on the bottom of my Mini Lin Speedy and it fits perfect. (A trick I learned here) A lot of others use either a magazine or a piece of cardboard to minimize the sag.
  6. agree with the shoulder bag. also, the manhattan seems a tad bit heavy. I wouldn't risk my body to carry a bag.
  7. i think i will leave the manhattan as a later purchase :sneaky:. its a bit too much for a first bag i think.

    im looking at the batignolles now. the neverfull isnt as structured as much as id like it to be. not sure whether to get horizontal or vertical!
  8. Yeah I'd go with the Batignolles Horizontal. It's the perfect size for notebooks and folders!
  9. neverfull is very reasonable priced.
  10. Yes, there are guys in this forum ;) and if it won't break the bank, I think you should get the Manhattan PM. Have you seen the Catherine Deneuve ads?
  11. I'm a guy on this forum! *waves flabby arms*

    I think you should get the BH. :yes:
  12. Speedy is THE best choice for your first LV!! I put cardboard in the bottom and if you get a 25 the sag isnt too bad at all x
  13. BH it is then! thanks everyone for your input!. i will post up pics when i get it! :wlae:
  14. I have the batignolles vertical. Got it as a gift from my mom (:heart::smile:). It's great as a shoulder bag and can hold alot. I'd definitely say get that one unless you want a bag to hold books etc. Then I'd say get the horizontal.
  15. I agree with everyone else on this forum that the best shoulder bags for school and your budget are the Batignolles Horizontal and the Neverfull. I have the Speedy 30 and I put a magazine at the bottom, which fits perfectly, and thereis no sagging! The 30 holds a ton of stuff too! Good luck!