Help with choosing a bracelet?

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  1. Hello lovely TPFers,

    I am struggling to decide between the YG vintage Alhambra 5 motif and new sweet 6 motif as everyday bracelets. I like the Vintage well enough but love the smaller size of the sweet on my little wrist, its delicate chain, and having an extra motif. However, I do not like rose gold on my skin (my collection is almost entirely YG).

    Thus, I would either:
    1) Buy the Vintage YG version
    2) Special order sweet bracelet in YG

    What do you think? Any opinion is appreciated!

  2. Try to special order sweets first (since it sounds like it is what you really want) and if you are denied get the vintage. Buying jewelry that doesn't work with you skintone is not worth it. You want to look at your piece and always love it on you.
  3. +1 I love my sweet 6 motif for everyday wear, but if you're not going to like it because of the color, and therefore end up not wearing it, it's definitely not worth it. Good luck, I hope they accept your special order!
  4. Thank you for your responses! I would not buy the sweet in rose or white gold. I would only order it in yellow gold, and if not, the Vintage would be my choice. I'm just a little wary of special ordering a new design (I have done SOs before but for established pieces) and whether I would regret not getting Vintage later on.

    @klynneann Do you always take your sweet off or ever sleep/wash with it?
  5. I always take it off before getting ready for bed at night and put it on after I've showered the next morning. But I do this with all my jewelry, even my engagement ring (my hands swell up overnight and it hurts in the morning). It's just a habit I have. My SA did recommend taking it off, but I also have a friend who never takes hers off...
  6. The Vintage
  7. I would vote for the Vintage too. It looks great on you!
  8. I differ in opinion, as I like the rose gold on you, It would compliment your Pure Alhambra. Although I do mix and match with gold colours quite happily.
  9. i prefer the vintage alhambra.another question for you is, do you have any other vintage alhambra pieces? if you get the vintage alhambra, you can link them and wear it lengthed etc. if you just want something different in your collection then sweet would be the answer.
  10. I agree, I usually do as well but for everyday pieces and due to my work, I am often on the go and unable to take them off for periods of time. Hoping that an all-gold piece should be ok...
  11. This was my thought too, but I don't know, it is a very pink gold, almost copper-like on me. I don't think my picture does it justice. I have seen it look lovely on others though!
  12. Thank you!
    I do not have any yet. Strangely enough, I fell in love with VCA for the pure alhambra and then the special pieces such as the butterflies. But I do like the all-gold vintage styles. I am just wondering if the vintage bracelet would be too big (both showiness and comfort wise) for every day?
  13. I don't think the vintage is too big for everyday wear. I bought a 10 motif vintage all gold alhambra as my first piece and plan to use it for daily wear.
  14. i don't think the vintage size is too big either. I have the solid yg 10 motif vintage and love it, wear it almost everyday. i personally am not a fan of the sweet line as much, the impact just isn't there and it's a bit juvenile. i buy my pieces with longevity in mind, the vintage size is a classic and it just has presence without being showoff. majority of the people have no clue what it is either, so i wouldn't be too concerned with that.
  15. Agree 100%