help with choosing a bag please

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  1. I am going to France and would like to take advantage of french designer bags costing less than here in London so am looking for a bag that is practical, timeless and good for every day. Not sure if ISL would be the right choice as I am not working any more but would like to take it into consideration. Any advice/recommendation would be appreciated. Thank you!
  2. YSL has some greatest timeless designs, like Downtown, Easy or Muse. Browse Reference library on the top of YSL forum and see what is out there. Cheers, Vesna

  3. I agree...
  4. Muse would be my top choice, just make sure it is not too heavy for you. Otherwise, I think Miss Vesna has the top 3 choices for you ;)
  5. YSL has many great classics, depending on your style the muse, downtown, easy or even muse 2 can be a perfect choice! As Vesna has said browse through the subforum and get familiar with the styles and what you like and dont like. Goodluck!