help with choosing a bag please

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  1. I am going to france and hoping to get french designer bag. Not sure if Chanel would be the right choice since I would like something simple and for every day (not for work as I am full time mum) but would like to consider it. Would anyone be able to recommend something simple, practical, timeless, for every day and also not too expensive please. Thank you!
  2. I'm in love with Chanel so will go with Chanel. The timeless classic caviar is most durable if the bag is going to be everyday use. The best size for me is 12" (Jumbo classisc). If you wanna go simple, Jumbo Caviar Classic silver/gold hardware is the best pick!
  3. yes, Jumbo classic caviar is the best option i think
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    Chanel has a great range of elegant and timeless pieces to choose from... I'm sure you'll find something that works for you! Most bags cost above 2000 USD though: See my post, #2 here:

    Not sure what you meant by "not too expensive" because Chanel has seriously desensitized me to $$... :P But if you're looking for something below $1000, then consider the camellia flap (I've attached a pic, first contributed by lightdays here: Also see and

    And go for caviar leather since that is the most durable leather Chanel offers.

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  5. I would go for a jumbo caviar, if possible! I think it's a great everyday bag! GL!
  6. the jumbo is my favorite chanel and is great for everyday use! if this is in your price range, go for it!
  7. Jumbo Caviar!
  8. I would browse the Chanel reference library and see what strikes your fancy, but to be honest with you, unless you are used to buying Hermes, I wouldn't call and of Chanel's classic bags inexpensive, especially not the jumbo or maxi so I might consider buying from Ebay instead (get it authenticated on tpf though). Take the money you save and stay in some fancy hotels and go out to fancy dinners while on vacation...or stop in to Chanel and buy an accessory! If money isn't an issue though, I would go with a jumbo or medium flap in black caviar leather with whatever color hardware your everyday jewelry is or a GST.
  9. Either a jumbo flap or a GST
  10. Thank you all very much! They are not inexpensive at all which is why I am looking for a classic, I don't buy expensive bags every day. I just meant something at the lower end of Chanel price range! It looks like jumbo caviar is winning so far! Thanks!
  11. If it's in your budget, a jumbo would be perfect. I am working my way up to one so I settled for a lower priced bag, I am expecting my camilia flap at some point today. I am happy that is what I choose for my first purchase.
  12. Jumbo caviar or 227 reissue ;)
  13. Jumbo Caviar is the way to go! Its the perfect size and its very classic! :yes:
  14. I agree with others about the jumbo flap. But, if that is to expensive you should look into a pst (if you carry more stuff) or a WOC (if you carry very little with you.) I hope you have fun in France.
  15. I love the jumbo caviar too (one of my all time favorite Chanel bags), but that bag does not hold the large sunglasses case. If you need to carry a sunglass case with you, make sure to see if what you normally carry fits.