Help with choices on two bags!!

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  1. That Pucci clutch is gorgeous!!!!! (great price too!!!)
  2. Both are cute but I like the Be & D best.
  3. I like the Pucci, the Be&D is too hip for me !
  4. Silversea,

    Is the Be&D in velvet vice their leather? Personally, I like the Be&D. I am thinking about getting the white/platinum one. I am probably one of two people in this forum that does though. I like the Pucci too though. :P Between the two though, I would pick Be&D over the Pucci.

    I would also say that it depends on the type of clothes you wear and the style. The Pucci is very fun and colorful whereas the Be&D is a little more subdued and rock-n-roll-ish. In terms of longevity, you'd probably use the Pucci longer though.

    If you do get the Be&D, I'd be very interested in the pictures! Good luck!
  5. Tough question to answer since they're so different! Are they sale choices?
  6. hmmmm tough call, but I am liking the Pucci one ..
  7. For longevity reasons, I'd go with the Pucci.
  8. i prefer the emilio pucci onee..
  9. I vote for the Pucci too! (Not so keen on studs)
  10. While I love Be & D ( I have two) I'm not loving the velvet because of the obvious...wear and tear on fabric. So, I would have to go with the Pucci, I think it will last longer and it looks classic!
  11. What are your plans for this bag? it depends because I love both!
  12. I agree with star, I think you can use the clutch more than the other whether it's going out or to a summer cocktail party/vacation, etc.
  13. Pucci !
  14. Be&D here :biggrin: