Help with Chloe Paddington Flats

  1. Hi! I borrowed this photo from an eBay auction (that I lost :crybaby:) to show the style I'm looking for. I am so in love with the toe of this adorable little flat! I have been searching high and low for them to no avail. I really kicked myself when I got outbid on this auction! Does anyone know if these are still available in stores or online? I have no idea what season they are from. Also, are Chloe flats comfy? I would hope so, the leather on them looks delicious!!

    My last question... I read somewhere that there are fake Chloe shoes on eBay, is this true? That makes me nervous because I don't think I'd ever be able to tell.


  2. I love those too, just bought a pair of the same style but sandles/heels, in final sales. But they didn't have any flats :crybaby: . I would really love a pair in blanc:love: .
  3. i have the exact shoes in the same color too, i bought mine a year ago and its still comfy. i havent seen this style in any stores anymore but i havent really checked online yet, your best bet will be eBay i guess.
  4. Hi - yes, these have been faked, sadly! So have the Paddington boots.
    I saw only a couple of pairs of genuine boots on eBay over the past 6 months, and only 1 pair of these flats that were genuine.

    Basically, you need to look for the same pointers as the bags - if the brassware is blingy, the leather looks stiff and the price is too low, then chances are, they're fake.

    They're pretty hard to find now, so best of luck with your search!:smile:
  5. I suppose if they were from that long ago my chances of finding them aren't too good! Thanks for the help!
  6. Don't give up. I found my sandels in a shop that was doing final sales (probably left overs from last year) and the price was really good too, so you never know.:yes: