help with chloe color!

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  1. hi everyone, i am in need for help with chloe's color. Currently, i am interested in buying the chloe french wallet from bluefly and i really want a red one. But there are brick red and red color. I was thinking it is just the problem of light, but it is the reverse picture of color for continental wallet. I am really confused! personally, i preferred a really red wallet, so which one i should choose? or it is just a stupid question since they probably are the same color? thanks!!
  2. ohh good question post some pics!!
  3. I find the Bluefly colors are somewhat confusing-- they will use 'red' for all the different shades of red Chloe uses, and there are several different reds. You can always return it if it isn't the right red.
  4. [​IMG]The first one is what they called brick red, and the 2nd one is red. but for continental wallet, they are reversed... i was thinking it was just a problem of lighting.. but just want to make sure and just want to see if anyone know there is a color called brick red in chloe's bag... thanks!

  5. dchildaries ~

    I have compaired these two wallets with my Vermillion Red Paddy and Large Vermillion Buckle Wallet. :shame:

    The first picture (the darker looking one) is the same color as my Vermillion.
    (According to my monitor which is pretty true to colour.)

    I hope this is helpful in making your decision.....:graucho:

    Kitty :flowers:
  6. Here are some Pictures of my Vermillion Trio....:graucho:

    Kitty :flowers:
    Vermillion Paddy, Wallet & Key Chain.jpg Vermillion Paddy, Wallet and Key Chain.jpg Vermillion Large Buckle Wallet.jpg
  7. omg thank you kitty... yeah the one i bought is brick red and on the box it said vermillon... so i guess is the same color... then i wonder what the red would be... can it be rouge?
  8. brick red should't be a red with a touch of brown?! vermillion is VERY red (beautiful)
  9. well i asked the customer service and it said brick red is has brown undertone... but my box still has vermillon written on is back.. so.. i am really not sure what this is ... but i think i just gonna keep it!!