Help with changing pictures.

  1. Hello Everyone,
    I know that in the Showcase section each person is allowed only one thread and that you must add to it as opposed to starting a new one for new items you've purchased. I have taken better pictures of my collection and can't seem to figure out how to delete the old pictures and replace them with the new ones. I know I read through the FAQ section and it displayed an "Edit" function icon to edit your post but I can't seem to find that icon. Can someone please direct me?
    Thank you!

    Ok.....Why do I have the "Edit" function on this post and not the other one? Oh, Gosh....I hope I didn't break something!!!
  2. The EDIT function is only there for like a certain amount of minutyes after your original post.
    As for your bag showcase.Simply add the new pics as a post....and leave the old ones.
  3. Got it................If I had known that I would not have wasted space with such horrible pictures! In actuality, it took me a while and some serious consultation with my clients to figure out how to shrink them down to even post the darn things!! But I figured that I could always go back in and change them. my bad..............................

    Thanks for the info Jill!