Help with Chanel sizing for long cardigan/coat please...


Feb 13, 2008
Hi Ladies,

I am eyeing a gorgeous Chanel long cardigan/coat but have no idea how the sizing works for these items as have only ever bought shoes and bags from Chanel! I can't try before I buy as it is from a reseller and they do not accept returns.

I am usually a US size 6-8 - what size would fit me best in Chanel (cardigans) please?? Thanks so much ladies!! :biggrin:


Jan 15, 2007
I'm usually a 42 or 44 depending on the cut in the upper back/shoulder to shoulder area. However something very strange seemed to be going on this past season w/Chanel. I ended up in a size 40 and the length of the sleeve was still a tad on the long side. Both 42 and 44 were so huge! If others have had a similar experience, it may be why answers aren't flowing like wine.

If you have seen a sweater somewhere and are interested, measure your end of shoulder to end of shoulder and compare to what the sweater is and that will tell you pretty much if it will fit. I guess the exception might be if you are large busted. Remember a sweater can be blocked across the chest and length, if need be, and even sleeves taken up, but that shoulder to shoulder is crucial; you don't want the shoulder seems hanging down off the ends of your shoulders.