Help With Chanel Rhinestone Earrings

  1. I bought the Chanel Rhinestone Earrings the other day at NM and they seem really big. Do they come in two sizes? My friend has a pair that are smaller than mine but I'm thinking they might be fake. Just curious if they came in two different sizes because if they do I"d rather have the smaller ones.

    Thanks In Advance! :heart:
  2. I'm not positive on this, but I believe they do come in a couple of different sizes. I have them in the small size. I think mine were $210.
  3. I also got the smaller pair - 2 years ago for $185.00. I haven't seen this size since.
  4. Oops... I forgot to include the style #. My box says 06A A26210Y02003
    Boucles Oreille Z0042 Cristal
  5. Hi yes I believe they come in 3 different sizes... Recall someone posting about them before..You're talking about the CC rhinestone studs right?
  6. Yup the Rhinestone studs. OK...I think I must have gotten the medium or the large size. Thanks girls!