help with Chanel pearl earrings

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  1. I bought a pair of chanel pearl earrings from Europe about 2 month ago. The pearl fell off in about a week, i took it to my local chanel for exchange, however they wouldn't let me exchange because of their policy. They can't exchange earrings due to hygiene reason. I took 3 weeks to repair, however another pearl fell off again in about a week later... i am sick of taking this pair of earrings back all the time as it takes ages for the repair. I can't ask for refund since i got them from Europe.
  2. I am sorry to hear that....
  3. Sadly this is pretty common with Chanel's pearl earrings. You can either glue the pearls back on yourself, or send it back to repair. Or sell them. :smile:
  4. ughhhhh that sucks! The quality of Chanel jewelry is not very good compared to their prices! :s Especially for faux pearls!
  5. Do they use faux pearls??
  6. yvette... so sorry to hear... my mother has the double c pearl earrings and we haven't had a problem... yet.. the small logo on the back however, fell off sometime somewhere.
    We have had many problems with other chanel jewelry... I've already sent back my mom's camelia ring because a rinestone came off and other earrings for the same reason... It's outrageous really...
    This season, I like the ribbon earrings with the diamante, but I'm not getting them because I know I'll have trouble with loose stones.
  7. Yes. Most of the Chanel earrings or necklaces are using faux pearls except some very expensive Chanel jewelry.

  8. will they let me exchange to another style as this is second time that i have to send it back for repair. i don't want to send it back to repair every month since it takes forever to get them back. anyone had same experience??
  9. Can you glue it yourself, with Crazy Glue? I have used it to fix many costume jewelry pieces, and it always does the trick.
    I would try to do that, rather than keep sending the earrings back and getting unsatisfactory service.
  10. I, too, would get the glue out and do it myself.

    But if you're fed up to the hilt, I would take them back to where they were repaired and speak to the manager. To fail again is means they are defective. Defective merchandise that they are cannot be resold, ergo the hygiene excuse becomes a non-issue. But don't use the whole argument in one breath, kwim.