HELP with chanel jumbo lock!!

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  1. hey all..

    im new here. anyway, just wanted to ask if you guys know whats the fastest way to replace a lock on a chanel jumbo? i accidentally scratched my girlfriend's one and i feel so lousy and guilty about it. i cant afford to get her a new bag.. so someone pls help me out if u have any clue on getting a lock replacement!

    ive asked the chanel boutique in singapore, but apparently ive got to wait for 3-6 mths for the lock part to arrive from paris.. is there anyway i can purchase the lock online??

    really helpless and desperate here. thanks much appreciated..
  2. I just scratched the CC logo on my new Chanel bag. I'll let you know as soon as I figure out what to do about it! Please post if you get the info first.
  3. You may call around to other Chanel boutiques, but I doubt they will have spare locks in stock. If the scratch is not too deep, I would let it go, as fine scratches will eventually appear due to use over time. Otherwise, wait for the part to arrive at your local boutique. I've never seen this part sold online.
  4. thanks for the reply guys.. really appreciate it!

    yup pls so kindly update me if u come across the spare part online as i really hope to make it up to my girlfriend. the bag means the world to her.. first chanel she owns ;)

    i'll keep u guys posted as well...thanks thanks
  5. Can you post pics of the scratch? thanks