Help with Chanel deauville studded leather tote

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  1. I recently purchased a preloved Deauville leather in black with some creasing on the side. I emailed leather surgeon and he said he couldn’t help with it. Any expert on here know how to fix this or if chanel would fix this? TIA

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  2. I hope you get more replies, I’m looking into purchasing the same bag.
  3. In March 2018, I received one from the Chanel boutique that was packed and shipped to me in a Chanel box that was too small. My local SA ordered it for me from another store. The bag arrived damaged and looked like yours. I immediately reached out to my SA and she sourced me another one and had it shipped to my local store so I could inspect it. Thankfully, the new one was perfect. My SA said the damage from improper shipping of the bag was beyond Chanel’s scope of repair and they damaged the bag out.
    If you’re within the return window, I would return it.



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  4. Thank you for the info!! Unfortunately i bought it preloved :sad:
  5. Did the seller disclose this info to you?
  6. She did , but pictures werent as bad as when i see it it person. Do u think chanel can fix this?
  7. I would return to the seller if you can. If you purchased it on eBay. You can file a significantly not as described claim. I’m unsure if Chanel would repair. I’m sure it will be pricey as Chanel would have to deconstruct the bag to fix. If Leather Surgeons opted not to fix it, chances are Chanel won’t either.