Help with Chanel choices please


Jul 4, 2007
Leeds, England
Hi, I love all designer bags but have a particular weakness for Chanel. I currently own both the black and biege classic quilted bags in caviar with the interlocking CC logo and gold hardware in a medium size. As I can't seem to find a comprehensive guide to what's what with these bags, I was hoping that someone would be able to advise on the colours and sizes available. I have contacted the new Chanel concession in Selfeidges, Manchester and was told that the black and the biege were constantly available but any other colour was limited to a particular season. I really want a navy one (like the pink, white and baby blue too!) - what are the chances of finding a new one? PS Am only interested in gold hardware.:confused1:


Jun 1, 2007
Hi, welcome.

You should really post this here in the Chanel subforum:

You'll get much better responses.

To answer your question, your SA is right. Black, white, and beige are always released. The colors that you mentioned like navy, pink, and baby blue as well as other colors such as blue fonce, grey, and red are seasonal. They are released and re-released randomly. You never really know until the trunk show. Generally, these seasonal colored bags sell out EXTREMELY quickly and are very limited.

I'm not sure about the gold hardware though. I've never seen a red flap with gold hardware, nor a blue fonce or pink flap with gold hardware. The seasonal colors I've seen have predominantly come with silver hardware.