Help with Chanel Chain Indentation

  1. That's a beautiful bag, congratulations!

    Sorry about the indentations though :sad: I have no experience with that, but maybe others can help you out with this.
  2. You could contact Lovingmybags, Margaret, or one of the other Companies that refurbish chanels and see what they say., you could probably send them a picture. They would definitely be able to give you an estimate or tell you if they can fix it. GL:heart:H
  3. Thanks Beauty and Haban for your help - they aren't as noticeable in person as they are on the photos, but I would love to have them fixed. Keep loving those Chanels ! :heart:
  4. i don't think there is much you can do about indentations except use the bag -- i think that will help make them less noticeable. this is, however, a problem with lambskin.
  5. That is a lovely bag!
    The only thought I have is to use some kind of moisturizer and gently rub. Maybe that would lessen the indentations over time.
    Hope you find an answer, but it is STILL a beautiful bag!