Help with chain mark on goatskin.

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  1. I received my goatskin WOC from NM from their locker stock, which means that it was never displayed. There is a slight mark which I believe is from the chain. It has hard to notice when I have it on, but when I look closely at it I can see it. Is there a conditioner that I can use on it to try to get this mark off?

    I know that I my local NM has one in stock that has been on display and I remember noticing a nail mark on that WOC. So to exchange at the store is not an option. What to do?
  2. Pixs, please?
  3. You can try Meltonian cleaner & conditioner... Or exchange it at the store. Just let your SA know that the one on display is defective and s/he will either locate another for you at another NM, or wait for the next shipment.
  4. I agree with Meltonian, might be possible.