help with CC slots in wallet

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  1. switched to my alex anthracite tote today and this little wristlet as a change purse. I have a gray sig wallet(didn't really love it with this bag), but need one that can be used for only CC's. Any suggestions or help??

    hope this works, can't seem to make pic show up
  2. VERY nice!! :smile:
  3. thank you, I am happy with this set. A little conservative but cute.
  4. LOVE the Waverly wallet! It goes great with your Alex tote! I know what you mean about needing more room for your cards. I've recently started using smaller wallets now and keeping most of my cards in a wristlet for when I need them. I'd like to find a nice card holder though that makes it more organized. Oh well, the wristlet works for now...until I find the perfect card holder!
  5. BarbAga - Here you go!


  6. HI,
    I love your Alex tote!!! The Waverly Wallet and the Purple Lurex Mini add great color to the tote!!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  7. Hey, mandabear, thank you, I just can not figure how to make the picture attach. only the link. appreciate the help.