Help with Catier tips

  1. I am so in love with Cartier jewelry in general... and I want to buy my first piece sometime soon.
    Which one would u consider is a good starter piece? and which pieces are the "less expensive" ones, is it possible to buy something (gold) under the 1K range?
    Tnx a lot in advance
  2. A Cartier Trinity ring is a classic and may bring you in at just under $1000:smile:
  3. I would have a look in a Cartier boutique the sa's will have access to a master catalogue of all their peices,and if you tell them what you are looking for and this is likely to be a first peice of many they will be only too happy to help you out!!!!!!!!!
  4. Just as a quick after thought,if you want to pander to your Cartier passion,you can buy other things relatively inexpensively, I don't wear any other jewellery other than a pair of diamond studs,engagement and wedding ring and my watch is a Rolex, but I do like Cartier very much,so when I saw this keyring my heart melted and I had to have it! I use it every day(its now 5 years old) and its still looking pretty good despite being jostled about with my other keys!!!And,more importantly only cost £110 in UK sterling(sorry I'm vey rubbish at doing currency conversions!)xxxxxxxx
    jewellery and key ring 021.JPG
  5. Recently I was in Cartier, I am sure the trinity band is under $1000, it was either $875 or $975, I can't remember which b/c I was just browsing the counters and it had the price next to it (and I remembered thinking it was less than $1000). Also the love charity bracelets are just under $500 with a portion going to the charity related to the bracelet. Cartier jewelry is classic and is perfect for any occasion. I always wear my Pasha watch and love band ring.

    Hope you find something that you will love,
  6. Tnx a lot girls I think I have to go to Cartier and see what they have indeed
    Chaz that keyring is gorgeous such a simple and elegant piece
    that is why I am so into cartier I love their simplicity, I would love a ring or a pendant