Help with case for the blackberry pearl

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  1. Thank you for all the advice in my prior thread! I did decide to get a blackberry pearl:smile: I have narrowed the cases down to 2 however I'm not sure which is better so I thought some advice from seasoned smartphone users would be great. The 1st is a pink croc morgan case by rexregina and the 2nd is the vaja balance case in either rio red or turtle green (any opinions?). I'm thinking that the rexregina case will protect the phone more than the vaja case but the vaja case will be more functional. Please let me know if the keyboard area and pearl should be protected? I plan to put a screen protector over the screen. TIA
    Here is a link for the vaja case and a pic of the rexregina case

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  2. I just put my bb pearl in the case it came with:shame: Although I really like that pink case!! This coming from the person who also bought the bb pearl in pink!!
  3. Have you looked at Sena cases? I use one for my Treo and they are absolutely fantastic (not to mention reasonably priced)! I bought one to match each of my favorite bags. :tup: I also have a Vera Bradley case in Mesa Red which I love because it's easy to get in and out of and you can clip it to anything.