Help with Cartier Panthére bangle please

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  1. Hi everyone (first post haha), I was just wondering if anyone here could help me out with this Cartier bangle I was interested in - I asked the boutique (Vancouver) for price info a LONG time ago and I have yet to hear a word back. So might anyone know about how much this Panthére bracelet might be going for? opinions are also most welcome :smile:
    Thanks so much in advance!

  2. I know the ring is somewhere around $16-17K.. so I would guess somewhere in that price range
  3. That is a gorgeous bangle, it reminds of Anita Ko's designs, especially the panther ring..
  4. Hi Starry_night and welcome to the forum
    The bangle is lovely.... I haven't seen it before, The Panthere collections is stunning in my opinion.... Few weeks ago I was at Cartier and tried on the pendant with long tassles, so beautiful.... The price was about £ 30,000 which is about $ 50,000
    The pendant had less diamonds so I would imagine the bangle to be more expensive.
    Have you called the boutique and asked ?
  5. My DH had looked into one for me, but that had more diamonds and other gems. Only $400,000+

  6. Wow...that is a gorgeous bangle!!!
  7. Was looking at a piece where the Panther lies between 2 fingers, it was a STUNNING but tiny piece encrusted in Diamonds and Sapphires....around USD260,000/-

    I would expect this piece to be in the USD70K upwards range...
  8. i've tried this one on before, and i believe it was in the low to mid 20s range. hope that helps!
  9. :nuts:

    chocopie, the one you tried, was it with diamonds?

    I tried the Panthere Head Ring in the same series YG with no diamonds, but Emerald eyes and that was already around 17K.....
  10. Thanks so much everyone! for the sake of my wallet though - I hope chocopie is right haha.


    I think I know which one you're talking about -

    It's also a stunning piece, but I prefer the details on the head on the yellow gold more; and it's quite a nice color too...I like the Panthére collection, my favorite from Cartier. It's very special.