Help with caring for new LV Speedy????

  1. Hey Every1 :smile:
    I have just bought my first lv bag, a speedy 25 and i absolutly lUv it!!!!:yahoo: :heart: :yahoo:
    Its my fav bag and i saved up for it for over a year as my parents wouldnt buy one for me :sad:
    I was wondering, if anyone reads this if they could give me some advice on how to keep the handles from darkening too fast? the SA at the boutique where i bought mine from couldnt really give me any tips, but ive been a member here for some time so would appreciate any feedbak,
    Carly :smile:
  2. I have read about the Apple kit. I will look for the link.

    Why are you slowing down the patinization process? That is what makes the purse look good. :smile:
  3. I have the same bag....and I love it as much as you love yours. Mine is about 3 months old. I love the vachetta pale too but the handles are turning a really pretty honey color right now. I don't put anything on them - was told not to. The only thing I am scared of is it turning that ugly dark brown color.
  4. CONGRATS ON SAVING UP!! I too dont like my handles black......I like them when they have a goldish patina :heart: :heart: :heart:!!! Do a search and alot of different ways will probably show up :smile:
  5. Congrats!!
  6. First...congrats and welcome to tPF!!! Your first exciting!
    In terms of tips to care for your new bag:
    1. Try to avoid having really over-lotioned hands. Avoid carrying bag when you have sunscreen on your hands.

    Getting dirt on the handles is inevitable....but keeping your hands clean & not wearing too much lotion will help keep them cleaner.

    If you want to protect the handles....some people here have used various leather sprays (Wilson's, Apple, MonkeyShine, etc.) to prevent the dirt.
  7. i just keep hearing about shining monkey products.
  8. Congrats on your first Speedy 25! Welcome to TPF! :flowers:
  9. Thanks guys for all ur advice :smile: Im glad i found this website.
    I think il just leave the handles and enjoy the colour change, i just hope they dont go to dark but i guess thats part of the beauty of the bag!!

    I recently let my mum borrow the bag and she left a largish water mark on the handle by accident, is there anything that can remove the mark or is it there to stay?

    I make sure when i carry it that i dont let water anywhere near it!!! lol

    Anyway, im loving it and cannot believe i didnt get one sooner, now saving up for a charm to hang off it.....

    Thanks every1 for the warm welcome :yahoo: :smile: :heart:
  10. wash your hands and dry them before holding the leather parts/ keep it out of the sun when possible

    hope those help!