Help!!! with cambon bowler

  1. I have a question did the cambon bowler come in 2 different sizes one that was about 8.5 in length which can be hand held because the straps are shorter retailed I think for $995 or and the other size about 11.5 in length which goes over the shoulder retailed for $1375. If anyone has pics can you please post especially if it is the black on black. Thanks
  2. Look up the thread picture of you with your chanel, post #17.
    DoubleC31 has a picture of the mini cambon bowler. :biggrin:
  3. Yes theres 2 sizes

    the smaller one came out after and its really tiny.
  4. the mini bowler was actually 1095.00ish.
    and the larger of the two was 1375.00
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